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How Tez changes the UPI App experience:

Tez- A New UPI App Launched by Google

Google has recently launched an app called “TEZ” which is based on User Payment Interface (UPI) . Through this app Google has increased his product line after recently launched “Google Duo” (A video calling app) and “Google Alo” (A chat app). Through the Tez app Google wants to change the User experience for an UPI based payment system. Presently we know that almost most of the banks are using their UPI app for the payments and etc. So we can say that Google become late in this field. But the new launched app has some new features inbuilt which definitely enhance the User Experience regarding the UPI based Payment system.

Tez- An UPI App Powered By Google and India


This app is designed in such way to enhance the User interface system. Also we know that Google is working on its AI (Artificial Intelligence) so in future it will definitely helps a lot to understand the human’s payment behavior. As we know that Google known for his unique specialty services in search engine behavior and others. Based on that ideology Google will develop the design in future. Google also knows that India is the 2nd largest Market after US because of internet usage. So it is keep designing a new service to the benefits of country growth and company mission. Recently Google incorporated the Indian Railway Platforms for giving Free WI-FI services. Also major part of the Indian economy is around cash in the context of small buying and other payments so Google has designed Tez in such way to provide Cash Mode options also.

The New Cash Mode Options in Tez

The new Cash Mode in Tez App is the new way to pay and receive money. A brief introduction has been given through the below.

A user who send the money near to another user who has the same app installed easily through the Cash mode without asking his phone no.s and Account details. This option gives wings to the Payment system as it is uniquely designed and a new way to payment system. Also somewhere it reflects the name of the UPI app of Google “TEZ”, which fast track the payment options. It is an audio based option which quickly transfer money with nearby Tez Users.

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