The credit card meaning can be understood in simple way by its definition. Compare2loan defines the credit card as it is a plastic money in card form which can be used in place of physical currency and it dues will pay later without any interest in specific time duration or with interest for an agreed time period.
It gives us immense pleasure when we pay for something and at that time we get back something for example cash back, value back, gifts, gift cards etc. The short term loan is best way to take something back.


The short term loan solves the problem of people by the way of thinking to have a Credit Card. People afraid to own a credit card but if you are a smart user then you can avail various offers, cashback and other complimentary benefits from the various credit card. Basically credit card is categorized into 3 types as shown below:


Visa card

Visa is a type of card.Any types of payment you can made.Also comes in Debit or prepaid card.

Master card

Electronic payment mode is known for Master card.

Amex card

American express can provide Amex card, where rewards points, gifts. Lots of benefits in this card.

All credit card supported by no 1 banks which gives us lots of benefit and sometime financial support.


How Credit card will help you?

  • Desire to purchase endless dreams
  • Purchasing power
  • Helps at the time when borrower not having money.

    As long as a metropolitan city known for hub of jobs technology and fast moving driven people. People of a metropolitan cities does not have time for a cash transaction. Also the cash is not a clever idea to carry. Waiting in a queue for cash transactions promotes to go for a credit card facility where it gives you lot of opportunity to fulfill your requirement instantly.

  • Without attendant paying the investment right after 45 days as well as credit card gives you to fulfill your family needs where certain amount of time to repay your amount credit card is not for a short term goal it is for those people who work or believe a longer term.
  • Planning example most of the MNC company work credit card.
  • Never ever think that loan or that I have to pay after 45 days I mean no body have to give time to another but bank have time the king of market reason being they are doing cashless transaction and intensity getting what they want rather then that by those the salary to the credit card then they buy anything.

It shows little smile on our face while spending of every amount you will get back something in cash, gift, voucher. Basically this call rewards points which can be redeem in our credit card statement, sometimes buy any gifts and also depend upon our credit card department where we can spend our reward points.

Lets Choose Something Perfect For You

Firstly we need to decide what are our requirements are due to there are varieties of credit cards as the department provides different kinds of credit card based on our field of expenses. Taking about example if you doing more shopping then I suggest to take shopping card, more travelling take travel card, international tour take lounge program card, for entertainment purpose take basic card where you get two movie tickets per month , if you are student take student card like SBIcard providing you a doctor card for pursuing MBBS student. In short decide your need which you will get help in future also.

Eligibility Criteria

To know How Salaried Person Get Credit Card

Salary slip should be compulsory and also company is listed with Card Company. They required your company name, your name, and also salary bank detail. If all detail are not mention then they required salary bank statement, offer letter, salary certificate, employed identity proof, and if you are working in government department then you can provide form 16 with bank salary statement including any government identity proof/offer letter.

Credit card company also checking your working profile means your Designation. They do not provide low grade designation people for example peon, motor operator, contractor, solider, constable etc. no matter they are working in government sector or private as well as salary.

To Know How Self-Employed  Person Get Credit Card

If person showing his/her income to government by filling ITR so company required ITR copy as well as  saving bank statement. Maximum company required ITR amount is 2.5lkh per annum and also in saving account 20k must be updated.

Company also checking your working profile means which types business you have. LIC agent is also called a businessman but company not provide them card. There is lots of example whom company not provide card.

To Know How Retried Pensioner Get Credit Card

Depend upon your civil score and on the base of existing credit card.Company also checking your limit as well as since how long you used it.

To Know How To Get Credit Card on the Base of Exhausting Credit Card

If you having a credit card so you have to take credit card on the base of your exhausting card. Documents required front copy of credit card as well as statement and also some company wants front and back both photocopy of your exhausting credit card.

Company also checking your limit as well as since how long you used it. And also check your working profile like your designation.


They considering same place where your company also located means if you are living in Delhi so company must be in Delhi location.They do not providing card to those who are work from home.Company also required your current address proof as well (passbook/ electricity bill/ postpaid bill) these all are example. They do not considering rent agreement.