AADHAAR- Information vs Privacy

AADHAAR is the vision of Mr. Nandan Nilenkani to bring all information of an Individual at one place by a unique UIDAI number. The government movement towards bringing all information at one place through AADHAAR has been revoked by the Supreme Court judgment on 24th August 2017 in the aspects of “Right to Privacy”. The bench of 9th Judges of Supreme Court ruled that “the right to privacy is protected an intrinsic part of the right to life & personal liberty under Article 21 & as a part of the freedoms guaranteed by Part II of the constitution.”
In present era everyone is happy to share their all personal information to the different companies in return of some free offer but not to government since it violates their “Fundamental Rights”. Is it not a breach of privacy to leak your data? In reality, it is. When the companies like Jio, came with an offer to give free SIM with an “Unlimited Internet data pack”, the people started sharing their entire details also AADHAAR details with the companies along with a biometric authentication too. What an Incredible people. They are ready to share all details for the free offers. This is a real marketing strategy for all the companies to gather the potential data which can be share at any time since the control lies in the hand of these companies.
The government’s idea behind AADHAAR was to convey a platform which holds all the information of an individual to one place in form of a unique number which is AADHAAR number. That’s why they have given the explanation that the digital platforms like “Make in India” and “Digital India” are a vital tool of ensuring good governance in a social welfare state.
After the judgment came from Supreme Court the states has the rights of their own data and thus data collected by the state can be utilize only by state not by extraneous people. The intention of government to gather all information is not wrong but the security level is not strong enough to maintain that data to avoid any data leaks. This is the only reason the data privacy or we can say the concern of Right to Privacy arises. Supreme Court also says that the privacy should attached to the person since it is an essential facet of the dignity to the human being.
Recently we had face the issues regarding the data leaks through aadhaar as Sakshi Mahendra Singh Dhoni had tweeted about the incident about aadhaar card of Mahendra Singh Dhoni which data has been publically shared. It was against the principles and a breach of security issue which arises through such incident. Thus the data stored in aadhaar is safe up to which level, is not sure. It always a security threats to all of your data and everybody had a big concern over it.
The strategy to bring all information at one place holds up to some level but the security threats to data is the main roadblock to it. Also we should not share our potential data on Social sites so anyone can misuse these data. Be alert and never give your security measures to any social networking sites or any company.

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AADHAAR- Information vs Privacy
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